Introducing the $1000 EP Challenge!

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Wanna record your best stuff and get it out to the masses? Are you tight on a budget and just want a solid recording and mix to demo out to potential gigs? Do you wanna get yourself on iTunes and Spotify for all to hear? Well lets get it done this year! Introducing Jolt’s $1000 EP challenge. We will record and mix 5 of your best songs with you for a flat fee. Here’s the breakdown… 1) Pick any # of your top 5 songs 2) Schedule days to come in and record your EP for a total of 20 hours (4 hours per song)*. 3) Rough mix put together and brainstorming session with engineer scheduled. 4) Up to two revision mixes allowed before any other additional charge. 5) EP is all yours to release to the world! *Any additional recording time will be billed at hourly...

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Merry Christmas!

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We will be open Christmas Day if you want to try out that new gift! Come see us! Mele Kalikimaka!

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Happy Holidays! Gift Certificates!

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Happy Holidays everyone! Wanna give the gift of music to a special someone? Contact Jolt Studios to purchase some studio time for a loved one and make them happy for sure! Contact [email protected] for additional information! Mahalo everyone!

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Record your music!

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Come on in and get a taste of recording at Jolt! Low rates and personal service for your music. I like to think of recording as a team effort and want you to get the vision in your head, out and into the ears of the people! Call us today to schedule a recording! 808-429-4745 -Bookings must be made at least a week in advance.

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Music Lessons!

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We are excited to announce that our good friend, Bogs Elsbree will be teaching music lessons at Jolt on Mondays from 6-9pm. Bogs Elsbree is a graduate of the SUNY Fredonia School of Music in Western New York. His primary instrument being percussion, he is also trained on and gives lessons in vocal singing, acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, and Music Theory. Among his accomplishments are: performing on a musical tour through China demonstrating and teaching Western music, teaching elementary school general of music in North Carolina, teaching drums and percussion in Pearl City, Hawaii, along with writing and producing, more than two hundred songs in over fifteen groups, recording multiple albums, and performing hundreds of concerts. Bogs’ goal is to provide students with a strong, practical base in music theory and instrumental technique that will allow them to reach their potential and become the musician they aspire to be. Lessons on percussion, bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitar, and voice are available for $20/half hour on Monday evenings between 5:00-9:00 PM out of Jolt Studios Green Room. For more info call Bogs @...

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$10 OFF! Click for Details!

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All AUGUST long we will be discounting every SUNDAY and MONDAY! That’s right every time you book a rehearsal any SUNDAY or MONDAY in AUGUST we will knock off an additional $10! So come on in and enjoy the sounds of Jolt Studios! Mahalo for jamming with us!

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Let us support you!

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Got a show you want promoted? Let us know and send us a flier! We would love to support your music! Mahalo from Jolt!

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Summer Summer Summer Time!

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Summer time is heating up and we are ready to cool you guys off with some jams in one of the TWO air conditioned rehearsal rooms at Jolt Studios. Fully equipped band rooms for you guys to relax and create. You can even record your whole practice and listen to it after to catch anything that might have been lost in the creative process. Book online or give us a shout today! Mahalo and jam on!

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Need a rehearsal spot for your band?

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Look no further than the comfortable and well equipped studios of Jolt Records. Offering great rates and long hours with two rooms available every single day of the week. Whether your a band, solo artist, or just practicing for yourself, come and get in and make the music you always dreamed of. Book online today! Thanks!

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March Mahalo Madness!

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Jolt Records has been super busy recording and getting all you guys in for rehearsals over the last couple of months! As we get into the thick of 2015 we would like to thank all of you for being a part of our Jolt community. We hope you enjoy creating and playing music with us! If there is anything we can improve feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] We would love to hear from ya. Until next sesh…mahalos and jam...

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A great start to the year!

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Thanks everyone for continuing to make Jolt the #1 place for all your rehearsals. We try to keep a laid back, clean, and maintained environment for everyone to get the most out of every practice! Always let us know what we can do to improve your Jolt experience. Drop us a line by email at [email protected] or message us on Facebook. We hope you can continue your musical journey with us!...

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Broad daylight Theft!

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We had an unfortunate incident last Friday when Joel had his car broken into around 4pm that afternoon. They stole his backpack with his computer and headphones inside. We just want to make people aware of this so it doesn’t happen to you. DO NOT leave anything valuable in your cars while you are practicing or rehearsing at JOLT just as a precaution. Unfortunately we have some dumbass bastards around. If you see any suspicious activity feel free to whoop their ass. Mahalo....

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New Jolt Music Page!

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Check out our new ‘Music‘ page featuring recent projects that we have recorded here at Jolt. We have multiple artists that come through from all genres to record their original music. We are excited to support them and help them throughout the recording process. Contact us at [email protected] for more details. Mahalo!

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Woodson Kelley’s “Distance EP” Available NOW

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Debut “Distance EP” from Jolt Artist Woodson Kelley Jan. 9th

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Jolt artist Woodson Kelley will be releasing his first studio EP on Friday Jan. 9th. You will be able to hear it exclusively on Itunes, Spotify, Google Play, and right here at Check him out at for updates and upcoming tour dates. Originally from a small town in Texas, he has crafted a unique sound in just a short amount of time. Through his relentless perfection in the studio and microscopic attention to detail he wrote multiple songs in the past year to add to his debut “Distance EP.” A multi-instrumentalist and a keen ear to adding what’s needed to make his songs really stand out, Woodson, crafted an EP that can stand up against many other albums in his genre. As an engineer and co-producer on the EP I was able to witness the growth in the studio from a guy just wanting to get something on tape to a guy who had a vision. Throughout the 6 month process, the ups and downs, we became close friends and musical confidants. Woodson not only has the vision and work ethic to go far, but also has the ear for what sounds right, and thats a tough combination to come by. Cheers to Mr. Kelley! Check it out! -M. Eberle Jolt...

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Follow Us! @joltrecords

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Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. @joltrecords …always gonna be a good time! Come join in on the fun! #recordings #hawaiimusic #supportlivemusic #supportlocalmusic #jolttakeover

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Blocked out times! Sept. 26-28

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Weekend of Sept 26-28th we will have some blocked times in both studios due to equipment being used at another venue. Thanks all you Joltsters for continuing to make Jolt Studios the #1 Rehearsal Space in Honolulu!

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Push-Button Recording

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Did you know only at Jolt you can record every band rehearsal and then take it home with you!? Try it out today! Book online at Mahalos! Expand your music to new heights with Jolt’s exclusive Push-Button Recording!

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Blue has Push-Button!

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Well it’s finally here! Jolt’s #1 feature “Push-Button” Recording is now available in Jolt “Blue” for your rehearsals! Catch every jam, every improvisation, every moment with the click of a button! Also don’t forget to check us out @ Station Bar and Lounge this Saturday 7/26 @ 8pm for the Jolt Takeover!

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Demo or EP?

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Tryin to put together an EP or Demo for your press packet? Jolt has you covered contact us to get your music heard!

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