H1 Repairs

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FYI they will be closing down H1 from LikeLike to Ward Ave. in both directions from June 12th to June 26th in both directions! Ahhh kinda a headache for everyone but be sure to use alternate routes to get to our studio. Rehearsals will still be going on so don’t stop the music because of a little rehab! Check out http://h1rehab.com/ for more info. Thanks for the patience, but I’m sure everyone is used to this by now. Cya in the studio. -Matt

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Blue is getting Push-Button Recording!

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Waiting for Push-Button Recording in Jolt Blue? Well, its coming very soon to the new unit! Get ready to record all your rehearsal jams with a push of a button!

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Rehearsal Spots are filling up quickly!

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Book your rehearsal right here at Joltrecords.com. Easy. Quick. Accessible. Check availability of both our rooms with this feature. Saturdays and Sundays are great times to pick up a last minute rehearsal. Mahalos for making Jolt Records your place to jam!

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Wanna Record?

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Record @JoltRecords for as low as $25/hr. Make music, be happy, send it to your friends, post it online for everyone to hear! Do it today! Call us for more info. 808-845-0539.

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Need a demo or recording?!

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Rates as low as $25/hr! Try and beat that for a full fledge music studio! Call us up at 808-845-0539 for more info. Get your music heard! What about a place to rehearse with your band? Comfortable, cool, and quiet room for $15/hr!

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